Keep your seat belt fastened and please don't expose yourself to your fellow passengers...for a third time.  This radio show will have you "Flying High Again" as they feature music from the coolest bands in hard rock/metal history.  The Jet City Rockers Show airs weekly in multiple cities across North America, Australia, and Europe.  You have multiple chances every week to join the Mile High Club, or at least the Half Mile High Club if you are left alone to your own handy devices.

You are promised deep cuts, rare concert tracks, and underplayed hits from the biggest bands ever.  Somehow Captain Michele and Co-pilot Rob have even been entrusted to play WORLD PREMIERS from your favorite artists.  Mixologist/flamboyant flight attendant Steve keeps everyone lubricated with a specialty drink for each episode (find recipes in Cocktail Cockpit above).  Did I mention this is the only show on the air that has a federally licensed drug sniffing cat (Xena) ?

Cash in your frequent flier miles and join the industries most dysfunctional flight crew for musical mayhem, laughs, and libations in the cocktail cockpit as they taxi down the runway trying to avoid the watchful eyes and ears of the TSA, FCC and the FAA!!  

Sign up today and make your requests because our song library is HUGE!!! 

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Buzz Brown (Musician) - "This show gives me a full body boner" 


Co-Pilot Rob's Christmas Romper

Co-Pilot Rob's Christmas Romper

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