Captain Michele is from the home of Bigfoot, Microsoft, and insufferable hipsters (Washington State).  Earned her wings the hard way, but always manages to keep herself and the listeners in the air with only a few drunken deviations from the shows flight path (CUBA).   She loves it loud and rockin', and has been piloting the Jet City Rockers Radio Show since day 1.  Hobbies include male lingerie photography,  Amish line dancing, and snorkeling in Hawaii.

Co-Pilot Robert Anthony was recently demoted from Captain due to a flight attendant incident that we can't speak about due to sealed court records. Born in the frozen tundra of Toronto, Canada he is proud to say that through extensive speech therapy he no longer says "A Boot" and blends in seamlessly  by enunciating "About" like a good ole American.  Loves Hockey, 1970-80's Euro-Metal, Original episodes of Sesame Street and playing with himself.  Guitar that is you dirty minded people. 

Flight Attendant Steve hails from Albany, NY and describes himself as the living embodiment of glitter with a passion for human lawn bowling,  and a gift for making people happy.  He was the only member of his high school football team to bedazzle his uniform, and still holds the school record for tackles in a season most of which happened on the field.  A huge fan of Slayer,  Venom, and Ariana Grande.


Xena Warrior Princess was assigned to the crew in February 2018 working as an undercover drug sniffing TSA Agent as a last line of defense for this woefully understaffed bargain airline. She is a Siberian Forest Cat who hails from the frigid motherland, and she may also be a Russian spy. Sadly, she has been in rehab more than she's actually worked for the airline. She is the best at her job, but has a real bad taste for the devils powder.